What is a Saddle Tramp?

To Arch Lamb, a “saddle tramp” was a passer-by known for his de- pendability, hard work, and a job well done. At Texas Tech, a Saddle Tramp is a member of a conscientious body of students dedicated to the betterment of Texas Tech. As an ambassador of Texas Tech he carries the responsibility of maintaining high morale, respectable con- duct, and a harmonious relationship among students and the general public. In order to accomplish his purpose and fulfill his responsibili- ties, the Saddle Tramp must be a person of high moral character and intelligence. His conduct, whether he is among a few people or in the presence of many, should be above reproach at all times.

A Saddle Tramp is a person who finds it easy to be courteous and polite to everyone in any situation. The ability to maintain control over a quick temper is important to the Saddle Tramp whether he is at an athletic contest or in a conversation with a friend. A Saddle Tramp will try to get along with people he does not necessarily like and will not provoke friction among others.

The willingness to work with his fellow Saddle Tramps when called upon is very important. The Saddle Tramp must have a strong sense of duty and a desire to make the projects of Saddle Tramps become successful ones. The success of the undertakings of this organization depends on the individual Saddle Tramp’s willingness to work with others, promptness, and the constructive ideas that he contributes. The Saddle Tramp’s duties and obligations are varied and complex and require a great deal of time and patience. Only a person who greatly desires to better serve his school, fellow Techsans, and teams can become a successful Saddle Tramp.

The Saddle Tramp must have an active and working knowledge of Texas Tech, its history, schools and colleges, location of buildings, and staff in order that he be better prepared to answer questions of visitors and of fellow students and also for his own information. It is also necessary for him to know the history of the Saddle Tramp organization in order to help him better understand the purpose of the organization and his duties as a Saddle Tramp.